Part № + PackagingStockStock DueFrequencyFreq. TolFreq. StabilityOp. Temp RangeLoad CapacitanceOvertone
LFXTAL050789*??0.032768 MHz±20ppm--40°C to 105°C12.50 pFFUND
LFXTAL051643*??0.032768 MHz±20ppm--40°C to 105°C9.00 pFFUND
LFXTAL059461*??0.032768 MHz±20ppm--40°C to 105°C7.00 pFFUND
LFXTAL062558*??0.032768 MHz±10ppm--40°C to 105°C9.00 pFFUND
LFXTAL063829*??0.032768 MHz±10ppm--40°C to 105°C12.50 pFFUND
LFXTAL065091*??0.032768 MHz±10ppm--40°C to 105°C9.00 pFFUND
LFXTAL065455*??0.032768 MHz±20ppm--40°C to 105°C6.00 pFFUND
LFXTAL070077*??0.032768 MHz±30ppm--40°C to 105°C12.50 pFFUND
LFXTAL073264*??0.032768 MHz±20ppm--40°C to 105°C4.00 pFFUND

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